Hi everyone,

My name is Tyra and I am a first year medical student. I do not know what brought you here today, but I welcome you to check out the different tabs this blog has to offer. Throughout this journey I have learned many things about finances and growing out my natural hair.

This blog is especially for:

  1. Medical students wanting to improve their grades and live outside of medical school.
  2. People who are financially confused, stressed and looking for ways to save money.
  3. People with short, thin and damaged hair will also receive some helpful tips on growing their hair to be thick , long and beautiful.

With that said, I started this blog to answer questions people have, especially young adults. Personally, I was confused about how to prepare for medicine, become wise with money and how to up-keep my appearance through hair.

The articles are based on research and experiences. I will make sure to keep it fun. Posts are uploaded once a week on Sundays or Saturdays.

If you are curious about any of these topics this is the place to be.