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Another question I have received, was how did I grow my hair so long in 3 years. I am at about bsl (bra strap length) and decided to post what I have done to grow my hair to this length. When it is not protected, it is first stretched then styled. I have tried several ways of stretching my hair and I have listed the top three ways below. They are:

  1. Roller sets
    1. It is great to use big rollers. This prevents your hair from being curly, which defeats the purpose of stretching.
    2. While putting in the rollers, you will thoroughly comb your hair and add leave-in conditioner. This makes the hair smooth, moisturized and tangle free.
    3. Once you take the rollers out, wrap the hair as if it is permed. I personally use a netted wrap with no plastic wrap.
    4. I am under the soft-bonnet dryer with the rollers until dry. And I am under it again, for 15 minutes with the wrap.
    5. Unwrap the hair and your hair is stretched. I have posted a picture above in the pin to show a 4c natural hair rollerset.
  2. 2 big bantu knots
    1. This is a good method, when you want your hair in a ponytail/ bun during the week
    2. After towel drying with a microfiber towel, put the hair in two bantu knots then add a scarf on the front portion to lay it flat
    3. When dry, your front is flat and your hair shaft will be stretched to make a slick bun.
    4. I don’t use gels, and this keeps it flat for me.
  3. Threading
    1. When you want some stretch but some light curls, this is a great method.
    2. Wrapping thread around the hair with a little space between will make it look like twists.
      1. When you unravel it, you will have stretched curls.
    3. Wrapping hair with no space will truly stretch out the hair.
    4. Be careful not to have it too tight at the roots.