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Hey everyone,

I have received questions on how to create a study routine or how to plan their study time. If you want to know how to create a study routine, continue reading. This simple method will give you time to hang out with family and friends, you will have time to volunteer, and of course, you will see your grades improve.

I revolve my study time on three things. They are: my class schedule, bedtime and the time of day I am most alert. Once you know these three sets of time, you can make a schedule. If classes end around 3 and you are not part of any organizations you have from that time until bedtime to study.

Break your study time into, study for an hour or as long as you can, then break for 15 minutes. Repeat.

For me, I am done with classes at 4/5 pm. My goal is to be in bed between 10:30pm and 11pm. I wake up at 6am, then go to class which starts at 8/9am.

Based off of the above, I would have a study routine from 5–10:30pm and at 6am. So I normally take a 45 minute break after classes, which includes my drive home. Start studying around 5:45pm. From 5:45pm- 6:45 I would study, one lecture. Take a break for 15 minutes. Study another lecture for an hour, break for 15 minutes, and repeat.

Dinner is eaten when I reach home/ during the beginning part of my study routine. Starting a new lecture after the break allows you to rest your mindfrom the previous topic. Spending an equal amount on each lecture, prevents you from falling behind on a specific lecture/subject.

My cut off time is around 10pm, to allow myself time to prepare for sleep. When I wake up at 6am, I study for about an hour. As well as, make a study schedule in the morning.

When you know what to study at what time, it makes studying easier to manage. You will not have to stress over not touching a specific lecture, because you planned out your time appropriately at the beginning of the day. If you do not study a topic you planned, during the week, use Saturday/Sunday as a catch up day or two.

I do have other posts that guides you on how to study specific subjects and general tips that can used for any class.