March 9, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

I have been accepted into medical school. Yay! It feels so amazing to know I am starting medical school Fall of 2017. This is such a great relief, considering this is my second application cycle and I am going through an SMP program.

I just want everyone to know, you must push through your struggles. In this post I will summarize what I did between the 2014 cycle and the 2016 application cycle.

After getting accepted into the SMP, I started making a plan of what I needed to do differently about my medical school application cycle. I realized my application lacked, a high GPA, MCAT score, and shadowing. Pretty much a little bit of everything.

Fall of 2015, I focused on my classes and the MCAT prep course. This is where time management had to develop. My credits were over 18 and I had to study for the May 2016 MCAT.

After fall semester, I focused more on MCAT. At about a month and a half before the exam, I took a practice test every Saturday as if it was the real thing.

During Spring semester, I started looking for physicians to shadow, both D.O. and M.D. I found someone, by emailing a long list of physicians at different medical schools around my area. I catered the e-mail to each physician and had several responses. I ended up doing my research with one of them.

One of the physicians I shadowed, wrote my letter of recommendation. I was able to get two professors from the current program and one of my professors from undergraduate school to write a letter of recommendation. The other two letters came from my supervisor at work and at the volunteer organization.

By this time I have received my MCAT score and submitted my applications in late June. I started on both the AAMCAS and AACOMAS applications when they opened in May. After that, school and volunteering were my priorities.

Everything improved, compared to the first time I applied and I received nine interviews, which will be another topic. Until then have a nice one.