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How to buy cheap foods on a budget

Hey everyone,

As a student I have set a grocery budget of $50 a month for myself. Some believe it is too extreme, but I make it work. This budget will allow you to eat healthy and delicious meals. You won’t have to just eat rice and beans as your meals, like I once did.

The way it is done is by:

  1. Bulk shopping:
    1. Buy majority of the food during the last weekend of the month. This food will be your food for the month coming. For example, today (May 27th, you will shop for food to be eaten in the month of June). In this shopping trip buy one week’s worth of veggies and fruit. This will allow you to have a healthy, balanced meal. After this, buy more fruit and vegetables once a week, to maintain a fresh and healthy diet.
  2. Use cashback apps and sites:
    1. Checkout51 is a cashback site for many different items. This is where I receive 25 cents off of veggies and fruits. Once you reach $20 you can receive a check mailed to your address. There are other sites, as I have created a post about this, here. An app that gives cashback, is Ibotta.
  3. Coupons:
    1. It can take as little as 15 minutes a week to prepare your shopping trip’s coupons. Many grocery stores have digital coupons. Click on each one you want and they will automatically load to your store’s loyalty account. Swipe your card and you have coupons. There is a website called Recycle Bank, Local Recycling Info , that I use to receive a $5 of $40 purchase for my grocery store.
  4. Meal plan and Freezer Meals:
    1. The first Sunday of the month can be your cooking day. You may be in the kitchen for hours, but it’s worth it. Cook a month’s worth of food and freeze it. I do this. Others just mix the ingredients, freeze it and cook when its time. (Due to some time restraints, I cook the food and take it out to defrost when I’m ready to eat it. ) Meal Planning, will force you to buy what you need, and nothing more.
  5. Buy when your main protein is on sale:
    1. At my local grocery store, the proteins rotate their sale. Usually the last weekend of the month, the chicken thighs/ legs are on sale for 88 cents a pound. Yes, only 88 cents a pound. This is when I stock up on chicken. Continue buying your other items that are on sale that week, add coupons and your food is cheap. This past week, chicken, pork and beef were on sale. If you like these meats, get a couple packs of each for about $4 or $5 dollars a pack. You will be stocked up with meats. Get the fruits/ vegetables that are on sale. Usually, potatoes and rice are good side items or you can get a different side that is on sale. Match the sales items with coupons, and cashback websites= you’re golden.