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Hey Everyone,

Many people will tell you that deep conditioning your hair is key to growing and maintaining it. I believe this to be true. Before introducing deep conditioners as part of my normal hair routine, my hair was brittle and dry. So I primarily used moisture deep conditioners to combat it. In this post, I will upload a video clip of how I deep condition my hair as well as write about the two I currently use.

To begin, I currently use Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm on a weekly wash basis. I use the Silk Elements Mega Cholesterol whenever I decide to straighten my hair. Because I consume a decent amount of protein on a daily basis, my protein levels are good. So the cholesterol is only used when straightening the hair. This is because straightening the kinks is causing protein to rearrange. With my hair having a tendency to become dry, I primarily use a moisture rich deep conditioner. It is pH balanced, which allows my hair cuticles to lay flat. This allows my hair to be smooth.

The 4 basic questions I have received about deep conditioning is, who does it? When to do it? Why do it? What are deep conditioners?

I will type out the questions and answer them below:

What is deep conditioning?

A deep conditioner is a conditioner that is meant to penetrate and sit on the hair for more than 5 minutes. The normal conditioner used, is placed on the hair, left on for 3-5 minutes and rinsed out. But a deep conditioner uses heat to really penetrate the hair and makes lasting effects on the hair. Studies have shown that you would reach the maximum benefit once you reach 30minutes of deep conditioner with heat. If you’re conditioning without heat, you would leave it on longer for about an 1hr-1hr and a half.

There are 2 main types of deep conditioners, protein and moisture rich deep conditioners:

    • Protein-Based:
      • What are protein-based deep conditioners? Why use them?
        • These deep conditioners are meant to add the protein that the hair needs. They give your hair strength and support.
      • When to use them?
        • Our hair is made of the protein called, keratin. This gets rearranged when we perm and straighten our hair. That is why it is great to use it before and after perming and/or straightening the hair.
        • Moisture overload= hair is limp and doesn’t have bounce (easily seen on natural hair), and breaks off easily. If there is any sign of moisture overload, use a protein-rich deep conditioner to bring it back to life. If you use it too much, your hair will become brittle and hard.
      • What to look for: soy, wheat, keratin are some proteins to look for towards the top of the ingredients list
      • Recommended Protein Deep Conditioners:

  • Moisture-Rich Deep conditioners:
    • What are they? Why use them? When to use them?
      • I love these. These conditioners are meant to provide a lot of moisture on the hair. It lasts much longer than your average rinse out conditioner. Usually, they will contain the same ingredients as the rinse-out conditioner of that line, but the portions are different. You would use these when your hair is dry, hard and brittle.
    • What to look for?
      • Water and glycerin at the top of the ingredients list
    • Recommended Moisture-Rich Deep conditioners: