May 7, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

Hey everyone,

This picture shows faux locks using the individual crochet method. I realized when I was done with the style, that I did not take pictures of the process. But I will try to explain as best as possible.

We started with clean hair. Our mom individually plaited her hair into 44 plaits. We were not going for an extremely full look, so we used 2 packs of pre-crochet faux locks. The hair was not parted neatly, it was parted into rows. Once the plaits were complete, I put the faux locks in, at the root. I was able to unravel the locks, and place her hair in there neatly. Since I did not record it while doing hers, I have a video illustrating how I did it on myself within the next 3 weeks.

I just wanted everyone to see that it can be done on tapered and longer hair using the same technique. The type of hair we used were…. I used #4 and she used # 22. The picture below is the brand used for the style above. The hair color for hers is a 22.