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Hey everyone,


The first week of medical school is complete. It is crazy how time flies. I went from excited, nervous to exhausted, back to rejuvenated to study all in one day.

From day one, we had anatomy lab and dissected a cadaver. We learned OMM on Wednesday and had lectures throughout the week.

So much information has been taught and at this point, I am prioritizing the material based on my educational background. Since I did take Histology and Physiology at a medical level while in graduate school, I have been putting more focus on Anatomy and Embryology.

So to stay on top of Anatomy I have been using Atlas of Anatomy third edition by Thieme, to visualize the structures of the body. We have a quiz for each lab based on the material we are dissecting that day. So to prepare for this, I read through the PowerPoint of the anatomy lecture that matches with the lab the night before. When I read through it, I try to learn the origin, insertion, action, nerve and artery innervation of each muscle. I have been told many times by the 2nd year students to make sure I know the objectives of each lecture.

If I didn’t finish the lecture, I wake up an hour earlier to finish it. Then when I hear it in class, I am not confused. The repetition is making the material sink in more.

It is a lot to take in at first. This past week has been about developing a study routine and making friends with my classmates.

In case you have not read my previous post on how I studied for medical school level classes while in graduate school you can check them out here.

I will be posting my updated Anatomy study routine soon.

See ya