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Hey everyone,

This post is a detailed study routine for Epidemiology.

The night before each lecture, I take a quick glance at the lecture. While in class, I make annotations next to the points in the PowerPoint. Each time I notice a slide is based on the objective, I mark the objective number next to it.

When I am ready to study the material, I pull up the PowerPoint. Then I go through the PowerPoint and absorb as much information as possible. I look at the objectives as a question format and answer them by writing it out in a notebook.

Since I have about 3 lectures worth of Epidemiology in a day, I spread the practice questions. Each day I take practice questions per chapter in the recommended book called, Study Guide For Epidemiology and Biostatistics. When I answer the questions, I review the ones I got wrong. I write out a summary of the explanation and move on to the next question.

The goal is to have all of these questions complete by the next class lecture. Then I repeat the process.

With the exam in a few days, continue to answer and review questions. Whenever I get stuck, I re-read my handwritten notes for clarification.