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Hey Everyone,

Many colleges/universities have experiments going on in the Psychology Department. As a result, they need subjects in order to make it happen. Good thing for students and non-students. Students can get compensated with extra credit or money. Non-Students will get compensated with money. If you are not a student click here to go to the article on Getting Paid To Be A Guinea Pig Test Subject: Part 2.


Many of the classes under the Psychology Department will provide extra credit if you take part in any experiments. Usually, the school will have a portal through the Psychology Department that allows you to create an account and indicate which psychology class you are taking. Next you will go to the page that lists all of the experiments that are happening within the next month. Majority of these experiments will be low risk and of shorter time frame, so the extra credit may be 0.5 credits.

Since the amount of extra credit you can receive depends on the teacher, I would advise you to go to your teacher or look at the syllabus to see if there is a maximum on the amount you can receive. They will also indicate the last date to receive extra credit. One of my teachers allowed us to receive up to 4 points, which I planned the month around receiving those points. Because this program is through a portal, your teacher will be able to see when and how many credits you have received. If you want money for it, you will have to tell the experimenters you would rather be compensated with money. This will prevent them from compensating you with extra credit.


If you are not taking Psychology Classes or you would rather get money, you can still get it. At both of the universities I have gone to, there are posters/papers around the campus that promote research/ experiment opportunities. Make sure it has your school’s logo on it, that way you know it’s through the school. Usually at the bottom of the paper, there are skinny pieces of paper with a person’s name and e-mail. This is the contact person to sign up for the experiment. On that paper they will let you know how much money you will receive. On average I have received $5 from each experiment. They give the money in cash right after you are done. The lower the risk/time the less you get paid. This doesn’t sound like much, but it can easily accumulate if you are a subject to enough research opportunities.


Now that you know how to sign up and get compensated, it’s time for the details. When you first arrive they will brief you on the experiment. You will read and sign papers, to give consent to use the information with confidentiality. If there are any risks, they will list them. I made sure to do the ones with low risk. Once they provide instructions and the paper work, you can start on the experiment.


Have fun and get compensated.