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Hey everyone,

It’s that time of the year again for applying to medical school. Over the course of applying to medical schools two times, I would like to share a few tips on getting accepted. This is a fun and stressful process. It costs about $5,000-$7,000 depending on where you live and the amount of schools you are applying to.


  • Timing is very crucial when applying to medical school.
  • July/ August of the year before applying:
    • Know how you will be paying the application. I had to miss an interview, because I ran out of money. Understanding the number of schools and the cost of flying and staying over night will help a great deal.
    • Both AMCAS and AACOMAS have fee waivers. Please read their websites on how long you can hold onto the waiver before submitting the app.
      • For example, I received the FAP from AACOMAS and I had 14 days to submit my app before they took it away. At the time I was submitting the app it was taking about 3 days to process my application for receiving FAP. This waiver waives the fee associated with the primary and secondary applications. Just contact each school when you’re ready to submit your secondary application
    • February:
      • This is the latest to request for letters of recommendations. There are popular teachers who will have many requests and you would want yours to be submitted by the time you submit your application.
      • If you want a template on asking for letters of recommendations you can click here
    • March- April:
      • Chill and study for MCAT
      • Latest to start your personal statement. Please have at least 5 revisions. There can be someone to check for grammatical issues and others to check for the flow
        • If you want any tips on personal statements click here
      • May:
        • Latest advisable month to take MCAT
          • This is suggested, because it takes a month to receive your scores. If you could get your scores by the time you submit your application, you have one less thing to hold you back.
        • Request your official transcripts from all of your universities/colleges attended
        • Start filling out AMCAS and AACOMAS medical school applications.
          • These two sites are where you put in all of your information and select the different schools you want to apply to. They will send it to those schools and the schools will e-mail you their secondary applications if you meet their requirements.
          • Although, you can’t submit it until June, it makes life easier when all you have to do is click submit and pay for the application
        • Have your personal statement complete
      • June:
        • Submit applications
        • Receive MCAT scores
        • Submitted letters of recommendations
        • Submitted official transcripts
        • Pre-write secondary essays
      • July-September:
        • Complete secondary applications
          • Because you have pre-written your secondary essays, you will not feel overwhelmed with receiving 5 applications in a week.
          • Many people advise pre-meds to submit their secondary applications ithin 2 weeks to show interest in the school
        • September- April:
          • Interviews!!!
            • Congrats on the interviews. Please practice interviewing at least 2 weeks before your interview.
            • If you want any tips on medical school interviews click here
            • If you want a packet that contains a few worksheets to help you create answers to common interview questions, click here