March 10, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

It’s hair time.

There are times where I am overly obsessed with my hair and other times when I want to leave it in an old style, so I can focus on school. The one thing that is crucial for everyone with hair is MOISTURIZED hair. I had a difficult time finding products that moisturized and kept my hair moisturized. After doing some research, I found the LOC and LCO method. L= liquid, O= oil, and C= cream.

LCO seems to work best for my hair. It keeps it moisturized for 2-3 days, rather than half a day like it once was. Before my hair gets completely dry, I moisturize it about 2 days after the last moisture session.

I use water as my liquid. If its not my wash day, I dampen my hair with a spray bottle. I only dampen it, because I have major shrinkage. Next, I add cream to my hair. My cream is the Curls crème brule whipped cream. Its light and has a soft scent. Last, I add Jamaican black castor oil as my oil. I don’t like using the oil before the cream, because I feel the moisture won’t be able to soak through the oil into my hair. When I used the cream by itself I had to moisture it the next day.

The LCO technique has made my hair so much more manageable. I am able to separate the strands without breakage, like it once did. This technique has been amazing, especially during the winter here in Philadelphia. I am not afraid of my hair drying out and breaking, because of it this method.

P.S. I have tried so many products to make my moisture sessions successful. Never give up on finding the one.