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Hey Everyone,

If you are willing to save money by doing things yourself, this is the post for you. In this post you will find different tasks you can do or make to save money. Here they are:

  1. Sew your clothes-
    1. I have recently taken up sewing my clothes and it is actually quite fun. I managed to purchase a handheld sewing machine that has allowed me to making clothing articles.
    2. The main way I make my clothes is by using the shirts, dresses and skirts I own to serve as my pattern. I trace that item and cut about an inch further out than the trace. This allows me to do my final seam on the borders, without making the clothes tight. I will post a picture of this to show for example. As I progress more, I will purchase a bigger sewing machine, but for now with the funds I have this small one gets the job done nicely.
    3. I learned how to sew by going to YouTube and following them as they do it.
    4. I buy my fabric from Hobby Lobby, primarily in the clearance section. This section is life. I have purchased 5 pieces with the lowest one being 87 cents and the highest price being $4.19. These have been enough to make short sleeve shirts and ankle- length skirts.
    5. I have purchased 1 fabric at full price and that was $9.99. This fabric is being used to make a maxi dress. Normally the dresses I purchase are over $20.
    6. Be careful to not purchase more fabric than you need. This sewing thing can become addictive and counteract the purpose of sewing your own clothes to save money.
  2. Cut your own hair-
    1. This goes for men and women. Next time you go to the Barbershop/ Hair Salon, watch them wash and cut your hair. Ask them questions about what and why they are doing the things they are doing. Do this and this will save over $10. Of course going to the Hair Salon/ Barbershop once a year can be a nice break of doing it all of the time and can help you to get a new look.
  3. Make your own coffee and tea
    1. As a medical student I have seen many students go to Starbucks and other coffee shops to buy coffee. Sometimes they buy it multiple times a day.
    2. Be sure to wake up a few minutes earlier to make your own coffee or tea.
    3. Check to see if your job has a coffee machine, if they have one use that instead of buying one.
    4. If you’re a student, maybe you can switch to caffeinated tea, whenever you need another dose of caffeine while you are at school. If you’re school or job has a microwave, place a microwavable cup in the microwave and heat up the water. Place the tea bag in it and you’re good to go with the caffeinated tea.
    5. If tea does not work, buy a pack of the skinny coffee cans no more than once a week. Make your morning coffee at home in the morning. If you need more caffeine in the middle of the day, drink the coffee  in the can, and you saved some money.
  4. Bring your meal (s) to work
    1. This is another thing I do. Try making a few days’ worth of meals in the beginning of the week. Pack them into lunch containers that night. In the morning all you have to do is go in the fridge and place it in your lunch bag.

All of these are tips on how to save money with small DIYs. See ya later