March 28, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment


Hey everyone,

I just wanted to update you all on my monthly shopping. In case you’re new, I like to grocery shop once a month. Exception: I buy produce once a week. With my monthly budget being $50, I only spent $37.01 during my bulk shopping trip I made yesterday. This food is for the month of April.

Because I have been fortunate to get a job with a restaurant that provides one free meal with each shift, I have been able to skip cooking for at least one week’s worth of dinners. So I have a frozen pack of chicken leg quarters in my fridge, rice, frozen tilapia and potatoes.

With the above food and the food purchased from the grocery store this past weekend, I will have enough for the month. Plus my free meals at work, to keep grocery shopping down.

For the month of April my meals are:

  1. 2 weeks of BBQ cups
  2. 3 weeks of slow cooker chicken and rice with veggies
  3. 2 weeks of chicken, asparagus, potatoes
  4. Peanut butter and jelly sandwiches
  5. Fried chicken, veggies and rice
  6. Snacks: clementine, bananas and animal crackers
  7. Produce to purchase later will depend on sales at the moment

Meal planning and purchasing food once a month has been a great to save money on groceries. Purchasing items in bulk while they are on sale and have coupons will provide the most savings.