April 15, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

Night Time routine for bunning natural hair

After paying attention to my hair in different styles I noticed how I really needed to create a solid nighttime routine for my hair in different styles. I looked up different routines, and could barely find any for the hairstyle. When I did find them, it didn’t work due to difference in length. So below I have listed different routines for different styles that fit a variety of lengths.

  • If you are rocking a fro today and want to know how to up keep it you can:
    • Do four large twists at night, if it unravels do 6 large twists.
    • The reason to use large twists, because they will generally leave few dents in the hair.
    • In the morning, remove the twists and pick the fro
  • If you want to style your hair in a bun for the week:
    • Take out the bun, place the hair in 2 big bantu knots
    • Place a mesh wrap over the front of the head to keep that flat
    • In the morning take out the knots and remove the wrap,
    • Your hair is stretched and flat for the bun
    • Click the the “Night Time routine for bunning natural hair” above to watch how I prepr my hair at night
  • If your hair was previously stretched and fluffy or an old wash-n-go:
    • Just throw on a satin bonnet on your head
      • I use one that is for big braids, that way my hair isn’t getting smooshed in the small one
    • Wake up and fluff the hair
  • If you have your in twists with only your natural hair:
    • Wrap/ cross wrap them as if your hair is permed
    • This will reduce the frizz and keep them stretched, so your ends won’t break
  • If your hair is straight:
    • Wrap/ cross wrap it as if permed
  • If your hair is in a braid-out:
    • Throw a satin bonnet on your hair
    • Wake up and fluff your hair
    • If you want added protection you can re-braid your hair into 3 braids