March 10, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

Pursuing Medical School After Rejections

Today I would like to talk to you about Special Master’s Programs (SMPs). After noticing how bad my odds were when I started receiving rejections from medical schools, I start looking up SMPs. At first I was looking for linkage programs.

Eventually, I learned about SMPs, and Post-bac profgrams. I ended up applying only to SMPs. The school I am attending has multiple programs. There is a linkage program, which is one year and has you taking first year medical school courses along with an MCAT prep course. At the end of the year, you have to meet a GPA requirement and get a certain score on the MCAT in order to start medical school there.

I am in the MBS program. This is a two year program. The first year has us taking the undergraduate courses that are tested on the MCAT plus two/three graduate courses. Over the summer we perform research, anywhere. The second year consists of taking the first year’s medical school courses taught by the same teachers. This was amazing. Of course it was difficult, but it really showed me what I can handle. Taking these classes has done nothing but prepare me for medical school. This has prepared me, because I have become better with time management and my study habits.
There are other programs that focus on research during the second year.

These programs benefit students of any major. One recommendation is to thoroughly research the program. AAMCAS has a list of all of the medical schools that offer post-bac/ SMPs. There are comments about understanding that if you do bad, it pretty much ruins your chances of getting into medical school. So make sure you are ready to study as if you are in medical school.