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Hey everyone,

I didn’t know just how important accountability is until I really started having an accountability partner. Let’s break it down. Having someone there to check in on your progress towards your financial goal or other goals, is really helpful.

Some may take pride in being very motivated in completing a goal, but there is always that moment where you are weak. This is when an accountability partner comes into play.

Everyone who knows me, understands how in love I am with sweets, primarily cake. Like, if I am mad at them all they have to do is provide me with a slice of cake and they are forgiven, kind of love for cake. With that said, when I go to Starbucks to study, I am tempted to buy a slice of cake. BUT my study partner understands I am trying to be cautious of the spending habits. So what does she do, tells me “It’s not in the budget. Continue studying and when I pass the exam I am allowed to eat the cake”. Or if I have heard this recently, when I look at the cake, I hear her voice.

Some may not have an accountability partner around at the exact moment, but having them check on you at least once a week to see how everything is going. If you caved in, then you can explain why and how it happened.

If your goal is to save $3,000 in 3 months, let them know. They can call you once a week to see if you put that money aside for that week. If you made your monthly financial goal, if not they can provide some type of reinforcement.

How it works:

Gather a few accountability partners, it can be for the same goal or different goals. Of you know someone who is as passionate about spending money wisely as you, they are the perfect person to have as an accountability partner.

You tell them your goal, how you plan to achieve it, and when you want to achieve it. Make sure your goal is measurable. If you do not reach your milestones in a specified time, tell them to remind you of your reinforcements. These are positive and negative.

Quote of the Day: As iron sharpens iron, so one person sharpens another