September 10, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

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Hey Everyone,

I have recently moved into a new apartment and started medical school. With this move, everything was still slightly unorganized and I needed to wash my hair. Thing is, I couldn’t find my spray bottle with my detangling mixture. Fortunately, there was a conditioner I brought from home that managed to work miracles. With that said, having a backup hair product is great.

You may have your staples for a shampoo, conditioner, detangler, leave-in and styler, BUT there may be a day where you run out. These are the times when the backup comes in handy.

Normally I have a product that specifically says detangler. When I realized I didn’t have it, I used the conditioner I took from my mom’s home. The conditioner was Matrix Total Results Moisture Hydration. The bottle was about half full and I was not sure how much I needed. I added a decent amount that allowed my hair to feel moisturized. Once it reached that state, it was so easy to detangle. I thought it was going to be a struggle to get the tangles out, but the tangles came out like it was nothing. It came out so easily that it was better than my usual detangler. This was my first time using it. I didn’t have as much hair shed as much as it would with my usual detangler. I will try this product again, and if it gives the same results the conditioner will be my new detangler.

It is times like these where you may find your hair responds to products differently than the first time you tried it.

If you ever find yourself without your normal shampoo, check your hair product stash you may have a different shampoo. If you don’t have any, mix apple cider vinegar with baking soda.

For conditioner, you can add some oil to the one you no longer use. Adding different oils has been a nice way to revamp a hair product. In the past I used olive oil in my deep conditioners and that enhanced the moisture level. There are always homemade recipes for conditioners. For protein, people have used eggs and yogurt. Others have used honey and olive oil for moisturizing conditioners.

If you run out of a moisturizer, add a little bit of conditioner to your hair. I did this before and my hair did not fall off. If you have a detangler you can add this as a moisturizer. Thankfully, my usual detangler can be used as a moisturizer.

At any moment you try a new product and you do not like it, do not throw it away. You may need it when you run out of your staple hair products. Adding oils, like olive oil, usually enhances the benefits of a shampoo and conditioner.