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Hey everyone,

This post provides complete details and information on the products I use consistently.


On a weekly basis I use Joico Moisture Recovery Shampoo. I have written a post about how I use it and how it makes my hair feel here.

When I have a protective style that includes braids or twists, I use Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture shampoo. It is usually diluted, so that I can spray it unto my scalp.

Apply the shampoo to each braid/twist I have in my hair that day. It is usually 6-10 braids/twists when I wash my hair. I only apply the shampoo one time all over my head. I then rinse it out and go to the conditioner.


Joico Moisture Recovery Treatment Balm is used as my deep conditioner. I normal skip the rinse-out conditioner step, because I use deep conditioner with every wash day. Apply it to my hair by twists. I unravel each twist and saturate my hair in the deep conditioner. Ensuring it reaches every strand from root to tip. Then I ret-wist my hair and move unto the next twist.

When my hair is in a protective style I use the Pantene Pro-V Daily Moisture Conditioner or I skip the conditioner.


My go-to moisturizer is the Creme Brule Whipped Curl Cream by Curls. This has a light scent. It is somewhat thick and truly moisturizes my hair. It does not feel dry a few minutes after applying it.

I apply it to my hair by twists. Then I add the oil and style my hair.


Jamaican Black Castor Oil is my all-time favorite. It has a strong smell and is very heavy. I apply it to my scalp when detangling and right after washing my hair. It keeps my scalp dandruff free. I apply it once or twice in between the washes. When I moisturize my hair I apply it right after adding the moisturizer. This oil is being used as a sealant, because it is so heavy. It stops my hair from losing moisture compared to not using it as a sealant.


I use the Taliah Waajid Detangler mixed with water as my detangler. If I use it without water, it does not provide slip for my hair strands. With warm water, it is easy to feel my hair soften which makes it easy to detangle.

Recently I have discovered the Matrix Total Results Moisture Hydration Conditioner. I have been using it for the past two weeks, when I did not have my usual detangler listed above. Surprisingly, this conditionerĀ seems to have more slip than the staple detangler. I tracked how long it took to detangle my hair. As of now the Matrix Conditioner allows me to detangle my hair faster. If this continues to happen during the next two weeks, this will become my new detangler. My current detangler will become my moisturizing mist when I have my hair in styles that prevent me from doing my normal moisturizing routine.


I do not use a styler, because my moisturizer is thick enough to hold my hair the way I want it. If I want a sleek look, I apply my moisturizer and oil. I then add a scarf/ Velcro wrap around my head and my hair is slick and flat.