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how to stay focused on studying

Hey everyone,

If you have ever had struggled with staying focused, you are not alone. Many times this has happened to me and I found several ways on how to keep myself focused. One main thing I need to focus studying for was the MCAT. Below you will find easy tips to show you how to stay focused.

  1. When I found myself not able to focus, I created a study schedule.
    1. When you come to a place where you are stressing out about not focusing, take a 30 minute with no guilt, please. Breathe in and out slowly, for a few minutes.
    2. Once your 30 minutes are up create a study schedule from Sunday to Monday. Make sure to include realistic study breaks. Normally 15 minute breaks will suffice. I have heard that if your break is longer than a 30 minute tv show, you will lose motivation to study.
  2. Now that you have your schedule, you know what you need to accomplish before going off to do other things. If you reach a point like I have, where you keep checking the time, set a timer on your phone or computer.
    1. For me personally, I have a 2 hour span of focus. At that point I need to take a break for about 15 minutes and continue studying. I even changed my location when I felt myself become anxious. in order to reach that 2 hour span I practiced with just studying for 30 minutes straight then break. Over time I increased my focus time to 2 hours.
    2. With this tip I knew that I would have something notify me when I can stop studying, and kept me focus on my work. This is how I saw my practice scores increase.
    3. If you’re studying for exams like GMAT, LCAT, MCAT, and DAT, you will have to be able to focus for at least an hour straight. This tip will help you in that area.
  3. Use websites that prevent you from going onto social media.
    1. Now that you are trapped into studying, you will want to get it over with in order to get back on the social media site. This distraction will be gone.
    2. A website called Freedom will prevent you from connecting to social media
    3. Apps like, Offtime and Moment will also prevent you from connecting. Moment allows you to track how long you are on apps and websites. Then a you can set a time on how long you can stay on the different sites/apps that consume your time. Offtime is like Freedom where, it completely stops you from going on apps and websites.
  4. Study in a group.
    1. By studying with others you will:
      1. have someone to hold you accountable.
        1. Having an accountability partner, will keep you on track. There has been many times where I did not want to get out of and study, but I knew I was meeting someone at the library to study with. I did not want to cancel on them at the last minute, especially since they woke up early in the morning. Because we are good friends, she knew what to say to me to keep me on track with studying.
        2. This is the person you need.
        3. even if the person is not studying the same subject as you, they will at least have a presence there that will make you want to study. I have done this plenty of times. I am at the library ready to stop studying for the day, buy my study buddy says she is staying for another 2 hours. It makes me feel guilty for not studying that long, and I end up staying to study.
      2. Receive different perspectives and hear questions you never thought to ask.
        1. when you’re studying with others from the same class, they will start to ask questions you never thought of. You look in your notes for the answer and that is a potential question on the exam. Many times this has happened, and I thank that person for asking the question. If you are the one who has the questions, you will have up to 3 other different explanations to help you understand the concept.
        2. This group will give you mnemonics to help you memorize the information and may even have a website with practice questions.
      3. Usually, a group of 2–4 people is perfect. If it is more than that it tends to become distracting.

Implement these 4 tips and you will see your grades and focus improve.