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Morning everyone,

I am a Master’s student that takes first year medical school courses. This has been an amazing experience, because it has allowed me to improve my study technique. To all of the college students and medical students, this is what I do to get good grades in the courses:

Biochemistry: This class is pretty much metabolism, so I would write:

What: pathway is it?
Why: is it important?
How: we make the end product?
When: we will we need the product?

Then I will add the pathology correlates with the pathway at the end of the notes.

This gives an overview of the pathway, when you just want to review.

When the class doesn’t focus on pathways, I would rewrite the notes in a question format. I personally love to write things out, so I make flash cards or use folded printer paper.

Each time you learn a lesson, write out the pathway and/or questions later that day. When you do this take you time to really learn the material. once you have created a solid foundation, you just have to review the lesson at the end of the week.

If we had 2 lectures, I did both lectures after the class. If I felt i did not understand it while studying at the apartment, I woke up to review in the morning. If I understood it, I studied it over again on Saturday. Saturdays are the review days. Go through as many lectures as possible on Saturday.

Each time you learn a topic like, Fat Metabolism, answer questions in the books below. I knew would use these books again, so I answered them using pencils. At the end of the week, answer all of those questions again and review why you got answers wrong.

Books: I used the BRS Biochemistry book. It highlights details on important topics and asks questions at the end of the topics. Another book is the Lippincott’s Biochemistry Question and Answer book. This was the most helpful for me personally, because all of the metabolism questions were divided by topic that went with the course.

Final Grade: B, this was after getting low Cs on the first two exams and getting a B+ and an A on the last two (When the above technique was utilized).