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Hey Everyone,

As a student who has taken Medical Histology, I am glad I can share a few pointers with you. If you need help with studying Histology, this is how I did it. If you want more details or have any questions, don’t hesitate to leave comments or an email.

To start I only referred to PreTest Histology  and the Junqueira’s Histology Atlas books for this class. I used my lecture notes as my textbook. The PreTest Histology  book contains content and picture questions. The Junqueira’s Histology Atlas I used for pictures.

Study Strategy:

  1. I would type the annotations on my lecture notes during class.
  2. After class, I would screenshot the LM and EM that were in the lecture and make a PowerPoint with those histology slides.
    1. On these PowerPoints, type ways to look for the differences between the slides
  3. After that, I would create my questions based on the notes and answer from the notes.
    1. This way when I answer the questions I am forced to know my information instead of relying on the multiple choice answers.
  4. Once this is done, I would go through the questions of the previous day’s lecture.
  5. Over the weekend, answer all of the questions.

With the lab portion, I took screenshots of virtual lab slides. This is another way I practiced visualizing the slides. I made sure to understand what I was looking at, at high and low magnification.

Week of the exam, I did the PreTest Histology questions and my questions continuously. When I was unsure of the content, I listened to the lecture again.