March 11, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

Hey Everyone,

If you have any questions about how to study for physiology, this post will show you how I studied for it. For Physiology, I used the Guyton & Hall  question book, which is very thorough and challenging.

While listening to the lecture, I type annotations onto my notes. After class, I hand write my notes in a question format. This way I am answering questions based off of what I know, rather than looking at the multiple choice options.

After that, I answer practice questions from books he recommended throughout the semester. For example, while we learned Renal Physiology he recommended the Renal Physiology book by Vander. I do this with every lecture.

At the end of the week, I answer all of the questions I made and the questions I did from the book. The week of the exam, I did the practice questions from Guyton & Hall. This is something I would change. I waited until the last minute with these, and for the future I would do these about a week and a half before the exam. This will make it easier to understand the concept by going to the instructor about the concepts I answered wrong in the Guyton & Hall book.

If you do not get books based on the topic, answer the questions from Guyton & Hall. Once you complete those, review the ones you answered wrong. Then answer all of the questions for the topics that will be on the exam about a week and a half before the exam. this will give you time to review and understand the questions and concepts.

Sidenote: I re-listen to the lectures repeatedly during the week of the exam.