March 10, 2017 naturallyfrugaldoc 0Comment

Hi guys,

Today I took down the crochet braids. It was in for about 6 weeks with about a half an inch hair growth. I took out the weave and cornrows on Friday. To make the process as smooth as possible, I cut off as much of the weave as possible. Then I went on to cut the knots. Once the knots were cut, I was able to take the rest of the weave out with no issues.


Now that I can see and feel the cornrows, they were DRY. So, I took my Taliah Waajid, The Great Detangler and diluted it in a spray bottle. I sprayed one braid at a time (lightly) focusing a lot on the ends. This helped me to take out my braids without excessive shedding. I am tender headed and this process was not painful like other times. I completed the takedown around 5ish and did not want to stay up doing my hair, so I went to a small group session with a braid out. I came back and detangled my hair by using the same diluted detangler, but this time I saturated my hair. Once that was done, I went to sleep.


Its Saturday and I woke up ready to wash my hair. I used Selsun Blue medicated version to thoroughly cleanse my hair and get rid of the dandruff. I wash my hair in sections and leave the shampoo in my hair until all of the sections have shampoo.

Conditioning and Moisturizing:

Then I towel dried my hair using a microfiber turbie twist. I used Joico moisture balm treatment as my deep conditioner. I have the kinkiest, driest hair (4c) and this always make my hair soft. I left it on for about an hour without heat and went into the shower to rinse it out. As I rinsed out each section I combed through my hair to finish my detangling process. (Yesterday I used my fingers to detangle my hair with the detangler.) Again I used my turbie twist and started my braided hair style. With damp hair I used Curls crème brule whipped curl cream  as my moisturizer and Jamaican black castor oil  as my sealant (LCO moisture method). This keeps my hair moisturized for about 2-3 days. It was a long wash day, but happy with my hair growth.