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Wig Care Routine

Hey Everyone,

If you ever had questions about what to do with your real hair under a wig this is the perfect post for you. Many people cornrow their real hair under their wigs. If it is short, it is easy to do straight back cornrows. Medium to long length hair requires a different technique. Some braid the hair in a snail-like circle and sew the ending strand. Some do straight back cornrows and sew the ends.

For me personally I am lazy with cornrows, so I just do about 6 braids. I do three on each side. I then take the top 2 braids, crisscross them and sew them down. I do that with the remaining 4 and my hair is flat and ready for the wig.

Wash routine:

If you stick with straight back cornrows or a snail shaped braid, then it is easier to use diluted shampoo in a spray bottle and spray it unto the scalp. With this method you can get the shampoo on the scalp and massage it in.

If you do it in 6 plaits or braids, you will have very few parts. So you can use an applicator bottle with diluted shampoo in it. It is easy to stick the nozzle through the hair and squeeze it unto your scalp. Once you squeeze some shampoo unto that area, massage it and move unto the next braid. Now rinse it out and place conditioner unto each braid.

During the week:

During the week stick to your usual moisture routine.  I am usually able to go about 2 days without moisturizing my hair and the products I use are located here. Put the products in your hand and rub your hands together. Then squeeze the moisturizer and sealing oil unto the entire braid.

If you want to oil your scalp, you still can. Just use your applicator bottle to apply the oil.


I generally leave the hair braided for an entire month. Then during the last wash routine I take them out, detangle it and style it or braid back up for another wig.